Report Hope

In September 2017, a group of OCAD University students enrolled in the third year Publications course Pressing Issues took a weekend field trip to Port Hope, Ontario. Working under the collective name Toronto Timewarp Chronicle (TTC), we ran a pop up studio in which participants could contribute stories about Port Hope by writing on manual […]

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Course Syllabus

OCAD University Publications Students in Pressing Issues identify topics that hold particular relevance to their study of publication and invite professionals whose expertise and careers intersect with those interests to co-produce a public event. This event creates dialogue about current developments in the field and could take the form of a panel discussion, on-stage interviews, workshop, mini residency, or a less typical event resulting from planning sessions. Readings, field trips and seminars are prepared by the professor to support the students’ identified topics of interest.

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Re Port Hope – Reported

Through invitation by Critical Mass Centre for Contemporary Art, third year students of OCAD University (enrolled in a course known as Pressing Issues) were asked to gather content and create a newspaper for the Mini Mega Steamroller event in Port Hope, Ontario. The event took place over a course of a weekend during the month […]

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PAPER: A Transient Vignette

Paper. It gives life but is also lifeless, somehow, in its original and evolved state. It can be smooth or textured, coloured or monochrome, large or small. Most meaningfully, it offers a platform, for words and designs to be handled and felt in a more direct form. This is especially important for us artists, who […]

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Students: What are They Good For?

Over the course of a few months, my classmates and fellow artists collaborated with the art collective Critical Mass for the Mini Mega Printmaking festival of sorts in Port Hope, Ontario. The Mini Mega event hosted multiple local printmakers selling their original artwork, as well as printmaking workshops, tshirt printing etc. The main attraction of […]

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Our Questions

THE STUDENTS IN PRESSING ISSUES FALL 2017 WROTE THE FOLLOWING SET OF QUESTIONS TO GUIDE THE RESPONSES DRAWN FROM PARTICIPANTS IN OUR POP UP NEWSPAPER IN PORT HOPE:  Personal stories about Port Hope: + Why do you live in Port Hope? + What keeps you in Port Hope? + What do you love most about […]

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Outside the Box of the Institution

When a professor takes student learning into their own hands a lot can be achieved. Shannon Gerard facilitated a class that took us outside the classroom into a real-world situation. Where learning outcomes were unpredicted, unmonitored by OCAD, and left to our individual and collective responsibilities. A trip/project like this is very out of the […]

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Newspaper Publications and Political Agency: Responding to Port Hope Project Outcome

Print and Publication are platforms that promote and disseminate literacy and education. Prior to the increasing demand of print and publication within Europe, printmaking was already strongly developed in Asia. For example, several decades before Europeans began making their first sheets of paper, cast metal moveable type was developed in Korea. Before casting type with metal […]

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From the ghost student/

I’ve been in University for a while and experienced different class environments, from hands on to digital, and studio spaces or a desk and your laptop. Pressing Issues class took me by surprise by taking me out of my familiar elements. There was something very familiar and nostalgic : almost like a field trip in […]

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