From the ghost student/

I’ve been in University for a while and experienced different class environments, from hands on to digital, and studio spaces or a desk and your laptop. Pressing Issues class took me by surprise by taking me out of my familiar elements. There was something very familiar and nostalgic : almost like a field trip in middle school. The class had a family dynamic, not one you could find in every class, stick a design team camping in an unfamiliar town and its a punchline to a really bad joke. Somehow even though I was detached – (due to factors such as unfamiliarity = not comfortable and how much younger some of my peers were…) I had no reason to feel uncomfortable because I knew they had my back. My sister volunteered to drive two of my classmates and I brought along a friend – Ive never been officially introduced to them but the hour or so drive was breezy and road trip bondings were had – like we’ve been best friends for life. The outside environment and not knowing anyone in Port Hope was like a bonding foundation for everyone, the familiar faces drew me comfort when I was lost for a second, and I forgot it was a class about every 5 minutes. A lot of the work here was voluntary, and almost like teamwork, participation, experiences and its all just summed up in the newspaper we created. The syllabus is fresh and exciting because it changes every time ( I wonder what the next project will be ) and I think more classes in university should have an outside perspective. It may peek a lot of interest and build foundations to have more classes like this one. In my experience it wasn’t too bad, I know if I allowed myself to be open to this concept I would have had more fun. I know the whole squad sure did.

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