Weekend Archives – Part 2: “Saturday in the Park”

by Venuri L.


It was 6:30 in the morning, and what do I hear but the sound of the farm rooster! It seemed to me that there was a rooster convo between Headwaters and possibly another farm nearby. The two roosters kept at it for a couple of minutes but luckily I fell asleep again. I woke up at 7:45am and opened my eyes to see three grasshoppers on the tent roof. I panicked for a second before realizing they were not on the inside. Though the night was chilly, the morning sun heated up the campsite pretty quickly. As me and my tent-mates were getting ready for the day, Ramis announces that she is not feeling well and is planing to head home. Our tent was down to two. There were many new things to learn that morning. Brushing teeth without running water and a sink was an experience I never thought I would have.

I grabbed a granola bar, and by 8:30am we were on our way to Downtown Port Hope to set up our tent and get ready for the event. The class worked together to figure out the positioning of the tables and each station. Panning left to right we had the button-making station, the drawing station, the typewriter stations, the reading station (the kiddie Ikea tent), and the relaxing station (the crocheted rug and log pillows) all set up. We were given our identifiers – our yellow Critical Mass T-shirts – which we changed into.

Once everything was setup, I went to the refreshments table and got a fresh apple to munch on until the crowds of people start to pour into the event. Work on Saturday consisted of being a sandwich caterer along with Kong, button-maker, steamroller assistant, and screen printing assistant. All of which took place under the gruelling sun of one of the hottest days this year.

Close to 6:30 in the evening we headed towards Molson’s Mill that was for a while OCA’s summer school. We were given a tour of the mill and I learnt some historic details and stories of OCAD University’s past. An album of old photographs and a collection of art work (from artists that were a part of the summer school) were neatly displayed for us. We had pizza and drinks at the back of the mill. Few of us went down to see the salmon’s swim upstream in the Ganaraska River. You could smell the fish before you even got to the banks.

We departed from Molson’s mill at 8:00pm and were driven to the recreation centre for much needed showers. We were given soap and towels, and the washrooms were specially opened for the tired and dirty art students.

We were back at Headwaters Farm around 9:15pm and got ready for campfire number two. Sarah and Zoe performed for their second night while Jercy and Jacqueline dried their yellow tees by the fire. The comfort of that shower after an exhausting day, and the warmth of the fire put me in such a sleepy mood, that I had to excuse myself from the rest of the company and call it a night, earlier.



Photo by Jercy.

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